WELCOME...an introduction

Welcome.  Why Badger Promotions?  Our clients appreciate the personal consultation and trusted guidance of our accumulated years of experience.  They are busy professionals that respect and value time...including their own.   They are partners with us because above all, our goal is to simplify their time investment.  They enjoy a confident delegation of responsibility to a  professional who reduces stress and increases productivity.  It all begins with the knowledge that we DO follow through on each and every detail necessary to make their project a success...as if it were our own (which it is). 

Simple.  Genuine.  Accountable.  Professional.  SERVICE.

Is it for you?  We'll offer a valid choice.  Frankly, if you don't want more interaction than a search engine, computer and e-cart provide, you may be ill advised to contact us.  There are lots of e-commerce concepts out there.  Our business philosophy, however, will always be based, rooted, and built on integrity pricing and building a partnership with the people we are privileged to serve.  Meet Us...



A few worthy additional notes regarding our philosophy toward serving clients...    

Integrity Pricing.   We will never be 'cheap' (nor will your promotion).   We'll price based on "value added"...at costs generally lower than any internet seller.  Beyond price, the benefit is an actual competent, experienced professional relationship.   Finally, we are not in it for "the sale"--if it conflicts or undermines your brand; expect some respectful pushback. 

Be A Consultant.  It's our obligation to add value...expect seamless follow up; but also creative imprint methods, improved presentation concepts, themed/creative/strategic  planning...and more. We push beyond the norm of mere order taking with a focus on your objectives. A well informed client  is the foundation of our business success.

Capabilities.  Small, personable and with manageable flexibility NOT common in larger firms, but still offering a complete "agency" portfolio... creative/strategic program design, warehousing/fulfillment services, catalog programs, secure e-commerce stores...and more...  As long as it serves client needs.