Making the deal...

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1983 with a degree in Dietetics from the School of Life Sciences (and to think that all of those Organic and Bio-Chem classes could have been avoided!).  For lack of a decent paying job I started working for a promotional products company, and through an odd set of circumstances ended up on my own, founding Badger Promotions in 1984.  Many years later I have no regrets.  

Personally, I have a spouse and three kids that create the meaning of my life.  The kids are all adults now, with two in Milwaukee creating their own lives, and one attending UW-Madison.  Life hasnít gotten much quieter ~ just new kinds of crazy.  My husband John and I also own Pleasant Valley Tennis and Fitness Club in Jackson, Wisconsin, which my husband operates day to day.  We love to travel when we can get away, and although we enjoy anywhere we venture the country of Italy is our favorite destination.  In the mean time I enjoy playing tennis, working out, reading, and everything about food.  I also believe in my community and being a part of it, and am involved in a number of causes and organizations.

The history of Badger Promotions has been a huge roller coaster, and Iím sure the future will bring more of the same.  Thatís life in these times, but weíre here for the long haul.  Our ultimate goal is to serve our clients with the utmost integrity.  My father, a very kind and wise man, always said that if you do the right things the rest will take care of itself.   Combined with a lot of hard work it is a philosophy I will live by