I am "The Message Advocate"...and like my vehicle license plate proclaims--You Matter.   My personal brand experience will revolve around achieving great things for you.  You're invited to collaborate; together we can work wiser, efficiently.

I credit whatever humble success to stubborn German determination, raised-on a dairy farm work ethic, Mom/Dad and knuckle slapping Catholic nuns that literally "shaped me".

Professional Bio - over 25 years as advertising/promotional product consultant plus 3 years with supplier of promotional items.  Also held positions as product marketing manager and field sales representative.  I'm a "no-nonsense" sort of person that is more interested in "rolling up my sleeves" to dive in solve problems than political correctness or schmoozing.  Be straightforward with me; expect the same in return.

Served on local youth soccer board for numerous years.   Personal - married to a kindergarten teacher, 3 children.  Family (kids) pets have gone from rats (actually nicer than you'd think) to our "DingoKitty" (a chow/lab mixed breed dog from the Humane Society).  

Memorable Travel Experiences - Bolivia (we adopted our youngest daughter there),  Glacier National Park/Canadian Rockies backpacking, that beer. 

Hobbies - Cross country skiing, biking, curiously tinkering & back country hiking.... Most Amazing Achievements:  being a dad, jumping out of an airplane (and, yes, I am fearful of heights). 

Dumbest Things Done...too many to tell; but my friends might.  

Pet Peeves...arrogance, entitlement and irresponsibility...with invasive electronic gizmos coming on strong.  

Music - - anything...but rap or hip hop ....ranging from country (Chesney) to Jazz (David Koz "the Dance" CD) and my favorite man, Mark Knoeffler and the more than occasional polka to juice the happy gemutlichkeit!   Suggest checking out "Songbird" CD by Eve Cassidy (what a voice!) or Carolina Chocolate Drops.

Obsession: The Green Bay Packers - of course!

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